Solutions & platforms

Subscription Word Platform

Subscription Word Platform Subscription Word Platform enables any service provider to operate word and number mobile SMS quiz subscription services. The platform supports MT subscriptions with flexible tools to manage the duration of the subscription, renewals, charged amounts, number of outgoing messages, and other tools.

The platform admin tool contains comprehensive statistical, user data, revenue, and analytical tools with flexible time ranges, which provide extensive insight into the service performance.

The core logic of the quiz system is a performance and/or time-based skill competition in which users solve word or math puzzles via SMS messages to receive a top score.
  • Txt 2 win services with hidden mystery words, trivia or math quizzes
  • Multi language support
  • Multi service support
  • Advanced real time sales and media statistics
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Content downloads support
  • SMS credits support
  • SMS push tool for alert services
  • Online sales pixel reporting
  • Advanced sales optimization tools
  • Instant failure reporting to mobile number or email address

Advanced Creative Management System

Advanced Creative Management System

Advanced Creative Management System (ACMS) is a digital advertising material distribution platform that offers advertisers and service providers an easy and automated option to distribute creatives to publishers and affiliate networks.

Light CMS

Light CMS

Light CMS is a site editor for effective and quick management content on web sites and services are used in connection with mobile content subscription services. Light CMS allows for flexible and time-saving editing of web sites and promotional materials, landing pages, games, and other web-based interactive services.

Smart Content Management System

Smart Content Management System Smart Content Management System (SCMS) is a comprehensive internet-based catalogue of mobile content assembled by OyChapamobile Ltd which serves as a point of automatic content exchange between Chapamobile and content retailers.

Content procurement by content retailers is achieved through initial partner registration and submission of content delivery specifications which set the model according to which all future deliveries to partner shall be converted and packed. The system supports automatic content deliveries initiated from the Chapamobile' end. The existence of such a concise source of mobile content is essential for effective operation of Chapamobile mobile content unit.


Push Service Platform The Push Service Platform (PSP) a comprehensive system for the easy creation of mobile push services. The platform includes a full set of features for composing mass bundles of MMS messages, handling service subscriptions, managing distribution lists, scheduling message deliveries, and creating usage reports.

The platform consists of 4 modules: MMS Composer, Content Database, Push Service, MMS Sender. The tool presents businesses with an opportunity to establish ancillary mobile value-added services supportive to their core business. The platform is optimally suited for creation of promotional, informational, and entertaining MMS subscription services and is ideally aimed at mobile network operators, media companies, and entertainment service providers with a goal of creating a multifunctional subscription MMS delivery service to End users.

Mobile Content

Mobile Content

Chapamobile offers production of custom-made Screensaver Clocks, Java clocks, Symbian apps, Videotones, and Screensaver Animations, as well as image and sound content. All applications are produced for a fixed fee using graphical, audio, and video material supplied by the customer. All ownership rights are transferred to the ordering party.

Chapamobile catalogue of ready applications available under a license.